Don’t want to listen to lies
Don’t want to chase butterflies
with colorful wings to entice
that suddenly change into flies

Don’t want to carry this weight
It’s really getting too late
Keeping myself in this state
Caught in the bait: What an awful fate!

Seize the neck of your ass
Bring him back, hold him fast
Do not let passion grow
It will bring only woe
Oh, you fool, don’t you learn
from the past? Clean your eyes
It’s not love. It is lust, only lust

No more tears and pain
Don’t you suffer in vain again

Gotta get over the night
and let the dawn come inside
Stop wishing for what’s behind
Walk in the way of the light

I should not travel alone
so I don’t stray far from home
Got to keep close to my soul
Don’t turn my face from my goal

Seize the neck of your ass…


Design and development by: Julio Valdivia Seibt