Something is not working
and I’m closing my eyes
cause anger and depression
are beginning to rise
I’ve got to be wise
I’ve got to be nice
Pull myself together right now
Come on, get rid of the lies

Can’t be no fool
Just have to find the tool
cause if someone has to rule
this will turn into a duel
and I’m running out of fuel
Better find a way
so we don’t go astray
Communication means relation
integration, conversation
Expectation brings frustration
Complications need an explanation
I just want you to understand

Give me your hand… Understand…

I just want communication
Alienation brings disintegration
First we need some information
else it’s mental masturbation
We both need association
Acceptance brings illumination
You’re in a station of intoxication
What you need is liberation

Leave the past behind
Open your hands to receive
Just say no to selfishness
to pride and to greed
You’ve got to believe
you’ll get what you need
Wake up from those empty dreams
The real is not what it seems

Can’t be no fool…

Design and development by: Julio Valdivia Seibt