You cut me off without a word
Oh, what a cruel way to behave
I got the message through a friend
Thought at the time a little distance was ok
But then your letter through the mail
and all that hate you seemed to wear
I was perplexed and didn’t know
just what to say. Oh, God, what pain

Please, don’t leave me alone
Please, don’t leave me alone
Give me some hope
Give me some faith
I am damned without your love
Can’t bear the pain
Just let me know
where the hell did your love go?

Can’t understand how you can hate
if once you loved and really cared
Where is the sweetness that we shared?
Where is the kindness you displayed?
Where is the joy, the smiles you gave?
The hugs and kisses, gone away
I gave you all and nothing stayed
Is it of love that you’re afraid?

Please, don’t leave me alone…


Design and development by: Julio Valdivia Seibt