I was calling and you weren’t there
I was asking and you wouldn’t share
I was reaching and you wouldn’t care
wouldn’t care, wouldn’t care

Then I looked at the sea
The empty sky was there
Two fisher birds, so close
they cut the wind in turns
in a beautiful flight
close to the sea and the waves
And then again another pair
quickly moving their feathers
Love was just making sure
I got the hint right there
and then I knew
and then I knew
Love wants us together

Everything is better
when we are together
Baby, I’m not fooling
I’m gonna give you my love
cause that’s my due

So I called you on my cell
as I sat on the rocks
near the rising ebb
My heart was full and you were there
Peace came back
as soon as I said your name
We’re still a part of Love’s amazing game
and this will be an endless play
This love is beyond my will
Destiny puts my road along your way
It’s Love that loves, not me
I’m just her toy, a part of her little play

Everything is better…

Design and development by: Julio Valdivia Seibt