I don’t want to say good-bye
but it kills, this pain of mine
Friendship only makes me sigh
I need, my love, to make you mine

Intimacy has gone too far
I’m at the point of getting scarred
I can’t go on with this big lie
I’d only sink deeper and die

You know what I feel
It’s not easy to conceal
You share your house, your meals, your time
but not your heart, and that’s not kind

You say you love me, but you make me cry
You call for me and then you say good-bye
and every night I hope will be the night
when you will feel that it’s all right

You know it’s fear that holds you back
You need the same I feel I lack
You’ve got such big discriminating mind
Just feel again your lips on mine

You know what I feel…

When will you be free
to go all the way with me
You’ll never find again
such love in girls or men
I will miss you more
than I’ll ever show
but some day you’ll see
you were wrong about me….

Design and development by: Julio Valdivia Seibt